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Divination: Norse Runes: Consecration Ritual

Runic Consecration Ritual
1.      Hallow space with Hammer Sign +
“Hammer in the North, Hold and hallow this stead”
(Directions: east, south, west, above, and below)
Hail Thunor (Thor), the Thunderer, protect this space.
2.      Cleanse space.
Hail Sibb (Sif), Wife of Thunor, may this space be sanctified.
Offer incense
3.      Greet the Gods and Others
Hail, Woden, the All Father!, May I honor your Gift and Sacrifice of the Runes
Hail Frige, Shining Lady of Asgard, May I show discernment in reading the Runes
Hail Freo (Freya), Shining Lady of the Vanir, May I be deft at understanding the Wyrd.

 Hail, Urdhr, Norn of What has become
Hail, Verdhandi, Norn of What is becoming
Hail, Skuld, Norn of What shall be.

“From there come the maidens
With knowledge of many things
Three from that sea,
Which stands beneath the tree;
One is called Urdhr,
The other Verdhandi,
They carved on sticks,
Skuld the third.
They laid down the law,
They choose the lives
Of the children of men,
The fates of men.”
Voluspa” Verse 20
4.      Consecrate the Runes by tracing a figure over them, and saying each out loud.
5. Working May these Runes draw from each of the Nine Worlds,
Midgard, the World of men,
Muspellheim, the World of raging fire, Niflheim, the World of freezing cold,
Asgard, the World of the Shining Ones, Vanaheim, the World of the Fertile Ones,
Jotunheim, the World of the Giants, Svartalfheim, the World of the Dark Elves, Ljossalfheim, the World of the Light Elves,
and Hel, the World of the Dead.

May these Runes be worthy of the Well of the Wyrd.
May these Runes read right!
6.      Open space to ordinary time and place
Hail and Farewell All!
Hail and Farewell, Woden, the Wise One
Hail and Farewell, Frige, the Frith Weaver
Hail and Farewell, Freo, the Seidhkona
Hail and Farewell the Norns, the Weavers of the Wyrd.

Hail and Farewell Sibb, Lady of the Golden Hair, may this space be ordinary
Hail and Farewell Thunor, Son of the Earth, may this space be ordinary
Please note that I use the Anglo-Saxon names of the Gods since They are the Ones I am most familiar with.
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