Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Woodpecker's Scold

Yesterday, I heard a ladderbacked woodpecker actually make a noise, other than drumming. The woodpecker was making noise like a rusty gate. He was scolding a squirrel that kept getting in his way on a tree. Apparently the squirrel was on his favorite spot and wasn't going to move. The woodpecker threatened with his beak and the squirrel moved.

“Woodpeckers are good signs. They are symbols of wealth, good luck, happiness, and healing. If you hear or see a Woodpecker pecking on a tree near your house, thank him for the message and gift.” Copyright: “Spirits of the Earth”, Bobby Lake-Thom.

from "Animal Teacher's Woodpecker Family:
Woodpecker Family’s Wisdom Includes:
Protecting the Trees
Thunder and Lightning
Power of Discrimination
Being Intense But Relaxed
Being Intense but Graceful
Waging War and Sudden Attack
Attention to Detail