Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Meaning of Sugar Gliders

Enough with the sugar gliders? Not quite. This is the final post in this series.

The meaning of sugar gliders from Ann Williams-Fitzgerald, "Australian Animal Tarot Deck":

In the Tarot, they are the Lovers. The key words are "faith, choices, love, and relationship".

From the Animal Dreaming Forum
By Ravenna:

"Sugar glider teaches the wisdom of being able to fend for what is important to you in an assertive manner; without appearing fearsome or threatening. It is important in life that we don't go through it submitting to everyone's desires and suppressing our own wishes, or for that matter, being so aggressive that we scare off everyone! Sugar glider encourages a middle path, that is often quite masculine in nature.

Sugar glider also teaches us the value of the child in community. Often children are pushed to the side and rarely listened to, but sugar-glider teaches us that it is very important to actually *listen* to our children, and the children of a community, and what they have to tell us. This doesn't just include the cuter 6-8 year olds, but also the more obnoxious teenagers.

There is also value, in your life (if you have always been attracted to sugar gliders) in really respecting your sleep patterns and your occasional need to be introverted. It is important when distancing oneself from society that we still maintain a close connection to our family and friends, but introversion and rest is something your body and spirit crave.

Sugar-glider reminds us that we can do this. Finally, all the gliders tend to teach us that sometimes we need to do a bit more lateral thinking in order to reach a goal. As the gliders soar sideways and laterally to other trees to reach food sources, and communal nests - so glider can teach us to look beyond the square for that which nourishes us and feeds our spirit. Our lives and our lifestyles might seem a bit eclectic, but they literally help our spirit soar."

After reading this, I know understand why Gilbert Arenas choose the sugar glider to be a part of his cartoon series.

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