Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rescuing Box Turtles from Maryland’s Planned ICC Highway (part 3)

As promised more on the turtles!

Major construction is supposed to start in October-November 2007.

The Humane Society and the Box Turtle Advisory Commission are now seeking out turtles. They are marking and inventoring the turtles. Later these turtles will be outfitted with a transmitter, when the groups receive them. However, worries for the turtles abound.

For one, there may not be enough transmitters. Some of the transmitters are too large for the baby turtles. Once construction begins, the groups will have to search and dig for the turtles. Disrupting a turtle during hibernation is not helpful for the turtles. Plus no one have moved 150 turtles at one time. Also since not all of the turtles have been found, construction workers are trained to pick up the turtles and call the environmentalists.

It does not bode well for the turtles. Meanwhile, the lawsuits concerning the ICC are still pending in the courts. However, notice has been received that construction will start - date unknown.

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