Monday, October 15, 2007

Meaning of the Red Kangaroo

From Scott Alexander King, "Animal Dreaming"

"If Red Kangaroo has leapt into your life, ask yourself: Are you taking adequate responsibility for your life, your role as parent or leader and the welfare of your people? Do you live in a constant state of stress, just surviving from one day to the next? If you are, do you consider this as taking responsibility for your actions? Have you sacrificed a part of yourself for the benefit of the family that you now regret letting go? Have you put some part of your life ‘on hold’ and feel annoyed that no one appreciates it? If so, what prompted you take this action, and for how long are you going to wait to reactivate them? If now is not the right time then set a goal for which you can aim, thus making the wait more bearable."

Contrast this with the previous post about kangaroo slaughter.

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