Monday, January 23, 2006

More Buzzards in Northern Virginia

Buzzards have taken over several suburban towns. They roost in trees and on house tops. The buzzards have spooked everyone around. However, the Commonwealth has told everyone that buzzards do not eat dogs or cats. Their poop is clean, too. However, people are still afraid. It has to do with how the birds look. Bald heads, beady eyes, wide wings. Then there is the hissing.

I think that buzzards have had a bad rap. People should appreciate buzzards for what they do. These birds are nature's clean up crew.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Year and the Same Woodpeckers

I have been absent for a month for very good reasons - I have been very ill. Now that I am better, I am back blogging. Now if there are anyone out there still reading, I will be in business.

I have put out fruit and corn chips for the birds. The same woodpecker keeps coming and pecking at the fruit. I never knew woodpeckers ate apples and pears. They also eat the corn chips. How they do that with their long bills is beyond me. I see them peck the fruit and spear it but eating? More watching of woodpeckers is needed to solve this mystery.