Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Western Astrology and Me

Since I consider Medicine Wheel Astrology a form of Western Astrology, I find little difference between the characteristics of Virgo and Brown Bear (the signs for September). Because the Celtic Tree Astrology is constructed from samples of people for each sign, the details for Blackthorn are also similar to Virgo. In contrast, information for the Water Dragon in Chinese Astrology does not coincide with Virgo.

The brief descriptions of the star signs for Virgo did include some of the characteristics of my brother, girlfriend, and me. (We were all born one day a part.) However, we have a lot of individual differences between us that cannot be accounted for by these simple descriptions. Perhaps our Natal Birth Charts could explain this, since we are all born in different years.

Learning more about Western astrology seems daunting to me, since it includes charting birth times and places to do an accurate reading. Western Astrology reminds me of Ptolemaic astronomy, as there are many calculations to do before a reading can be made. Since this Astrology is millennia of years old, many people worked on it to correct most problems and difficulties. Seeing how complex it has become, I do not know enough about this Astrology to dispute its accuracy.

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