Thursday, March 31, 2011

GABOON VIPER: Dangerous Beauty

The heaviest Snake in the world, Gaboon Viper is easily identified by her broad triangular head.  Her spade-shaped head houses her huge venom sacs.  As an ambush predator, Gaboon Viper anchors her heavy body to the ground.  Stationary, She waits for an unwary animal to come by.  In a lightening fast move, She kills her prey with her venom.
            Because of her sedentary nature, Gaboon Viper is usually underestimated to be a dangerous Snake.  Also, her mellow placid nature lulls people into a false sense of security.  However without warning, Gaboon Viper will bite and kill them.
            Preferring to be invisible, Gaboon Viper digs Herself into the leaf letter of the floor of the African jungle.  Her intricately patterned body also helps to camouflage Her.  Purple and dark browns mix with pastels to create a work of sheer beauty which is her body.  With interlocking diamonds and triangles, sacred geometry is openly displayed on her skin.
            Gaboon Viper seems mellow and colorful.  In addition, her body is a work of art to be admired.  However hidden underneath that beauty is a deadly Snake.  Look but do not touch.  Do not be lulled into a sense of safety.  Remember beauty hides Gaboon Viper’s danger and death.

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