Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PUFF ADDER SUB-FAMILY (BITIS): Be Aware of Your Surroundings

            Various Members of the Puff Adder Sub-Family are noted for inflating their bodies and puffing Themselves up.  By forcibly exhaling air, these Snakes make loud warning noises.  Pay head to these hissing alarms since these large stout-bodied Snakes are deadly.  In Africa, Members of the Puff Adder Sub-Family are responsible for the most snake bites among venomous Snakes.
            Members of the Puff Adder Sub-Family can be identified by their massively built bodies and broad triangular heads. Gaboon Viper, the heaviest of all Snakes, is easily identified by her huge head.  In addition, some of these Snakes have horns such as Rhinoceros Viper.  The horns on these Puff Adders are a cluster of enlarged pointed scales on their snouts.
            Because of their large heavy bodies, Members of the Puff Adder Sub-Family are usually ambush hunters.  They may seem sluggish in nature but these Snakes will strike at lightening fast speeds at their victims.  Lying among the leaf litter, They camouflage by Themselves digging in.  In addition, their bodies have ornate patterns making Puff Adders nearly invisible.  An unwary prey will nearly step on one of these Snakes before they are bitten.
            Be aware of your surroundings instruct the Pub Adder Sub-Family.  Because these Snakes are dangerous, people need to watch where they step, for a venomous Snake could be lurking in the leaves.  Be alert and save your life.  
Science Notes:

1.       Because hognose snakes (Heterodon) will flatten their necks and raise their heads and hiss, they are also called “puff adders”.  However, these snakes are not considered dangerous to humans.

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