Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Found throughout Africa, African Puff Adder (Bitis arientans) is responsible for many lethal snake bites.  A seemingly sluggish Snake, He can strike at his victims at lightening fast speeds.  In fact, this bad-tempered Snake is credited with the most fatalities from Snakes in Africa.
            Active at night, African Puff Adder enjoys swimming in the water.  Later, He will lay on a warm road which retains the sun’s warmth.  During the day, African Puff Adder basks in the sun either on shrubs or in footpaths.
            Before striking, African Puff Adder puffs Himself up and hisses a warning.  Since He is the fastest striking Snake in the world, African Puff Adder will strike deep into his victim’s flesh.  Many times, his prey will die from physical trauma before succumbing to the venom.  Moreover, African Puff Adder can strike sideways as well as front ways.  So his victims have no opportunity to escape.
            Pay attention hisses African Puff Adder.  You need to look where you walk or you will step on a Snake.  Be prepared and not be surprised at anything or you will not be able to get away.

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