Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dragon Jewels: Single Stone Casting

In the month of recording daily casts of the stones, no one crystal predominated. However, patterns did develop over the weeks. For the first half of the month, tiger eye dominated, while citrine took the lead for the second half. Ruby and moonstone only showed up once or twice.

Tiger eye (of Earth and Gaia, the Mother Earth Dragon) wanted me to focus on my financial affairs. During this slow time in my business, I had to make important money decisions. Supporting tiger eye was snowflake obsidian (of Saturn and Grael, the Mistress of the Night.) This stone elder counseled me to make the best of what I had. Appearing once, Ruby (of Mars and Freyeth, the Flame Lord) told me not to feel so helpless.

Citrine (of Mercury and Rai, the Thunder Lord) re-enforced the fertility aspects of tiger eye. Citrine gave me clarity to transform my thinking. Moving outside of myself, I sought more vending opportunities. Once tiger eye’s role was done, citrine directed me to what I to do next.

Checking the daily casting against my journal showed no particular pattern of advice from day to day. However, the stone elders wanted me to remain flexible, and to listen to all of their counsel. The elders wanted me to use my head, and work more on developing my talents. Amber (of Uranus and Ayahz, the Master Healer) stressed change. Aquamarine (of Neptune and Tiamaat, Mistress of the Waters) asked me to look for hidden advantages.

My conclusion is that the daily guides represented the ups and downs of life. In statistical language, they were “noise”. However, basic trends (themes) did emerge. The daily casting is useful to determine if an elder is knocking at your door. Otherwise, it is useful in hindsight to understand each of the elders and their messages.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Kiwi Born at Zoo!

New Kiwi born at the zoo. This is a cause for celebration since kiwis are becoming very rare. See the baby Kiwi on Kiwi Cam:

In honor of the Kiwi born at the National Zoo in Washington D.C., I am quoting what Mr. King, who is Australian, has to say about the teachings of Kiwis.

From "Animal Dreaming"
"Kiwi calls us to surrender. By surrendering, we can expect to be pushed forward. Surrendering does not me ’giving up’, but rather ’giving in’. Giving up suggests defeat. Giving in, however, is to surrender with strength and a willing heart. It is to focus on the desired outcome and to surrender the ’how’ aspect over to the Spirit."


From the Zoo’s Website:

March 7. This one is behaving very differently from Manaia, the kiwi that hatched two years ago. It is extremely busy and active, and was trying to walk and stand on day one. It actually jumped two inches on Sunday morning. This morning (Monday), it is walking although it is very wobbly.

From Science Digest:

"There are five species of kiwi and all are unique to New Zealand. The North Island brown species of kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand. They are widely thought to be the most ancient bird and have existed in New Zealand for more than 30 million years. Kiwis typically mate for life, and both parents share the responsibility of caring for the egg. After kiwi chicks hatch, however, they receive no parental care. Unlike other bird species, kiwis hatch fully feathered and equipped with all of the necessary skills they need to survive.

The North Island brown kiwi species is classified as endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature. The wild population is declining at a rate of approximately 5.8 percent a year. **Nearly 60 percent of all wild North Island brown kiwi chicks are killed by stoats, a species of weasel and an introduced predator. **The remaining wild population of the North Island brown kiwi is estimated at roughly 24,000, down from 60,000 in the 1980s."

**Emphasis mine - Feral pets are not harmless. They kill native species.


Commercial Message:

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Crystal Jewel Divination (2)

For crystal casting, I use a circular mat that I had made. This mat’s center circle is a different color from the rest. When I cast a stone, I can easily tell how far from the center it falls.

I do a single stone cast by taking the stones from my bag and sifting them through my fingers. What often happens is that the crystal of the day lands on my lap. Usually, this is how the stone elders make themselves known to me.

Doing a three stone cast for me has been challenging. I let the stone sift through my fingers until one feels right. That elder, I cast for myself. If this crystal was different from the “elder of the day”, they landed off-center. However, if they were the same, the elder usually landed in the center.

Casting the next two stones is more complex. If the self stone was not the elder of the day, and one of the others was, they would land in the center. However, if none of the stones were the “Stone of the Day”, they landed off the mat.

Since I am a linear thinker, interpreting the three-stone cast was demanding. I prefer the “past-present-future” layout – how A flows into B into C. This casting has two dimensions: time and relationships. First comes the present with the self and others, then the potential happiness to follow. Interpreting my relationships in the present, then switching to myself only in the future is a stretch for me.

By casting over a month, I wanted to see if the three-stone method matched the month’s events. From the elders, I received a lot of counsel to strive for harmony and clarity. All the stone elders made themselves known during the month. This is an area of divination, I intend to explore further.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crystal Jewel Divination

I do many types of divination. Depending on the occasion, I use the Runes, Ogham, or Tarot. In doing Roman rituals, I use traditional Roman methods for animal divining. (I watch what the animals are doing.) For personal readings, I use the Runes or Ogham. In readings for others, I use the Tarot or oracle cards.

Depending on the season, I also employ different methods of divining. For example, in winter, I cast stones. Because winter is the season of introspection and quiet, I can hear voices of the stone elders without distraction. When they sing, “pick me”, I take the stones from a pouch. Then, I “throw” them and watch where they land on a layout of compass directions. (Each direction has a meaning: North-spirit, East-mind, South-body, and West-emotions.) Then I ask each elder what they have to say to me. The stones tell me through their colors, shapes, and how they twinkle. I enter their world, and hear their songs.

I do not consider one form of divination “better” than another. I see whether they are appropriate to the occasion. For example, in a Roman ritual, Norse Runes are inappropriate, since the Runes are closely tied with the Norse Gods. For general readings, the Tarot or oracle cards are acceptable.

The form of divination that works best for me also depends on the season. Winter is the best time for me to do crystal divination. I prefer doing the Ogham in the fall, when the trees are actively changing color. Spring and summer are for animal and plant oracles.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Grounding and Centering

Grounding and centering has always been a problem for me. I have problems sensing energy, and then following it. For this class, I carefully read the various methods on how to do it. I decided on the simplest, which is taking a deep breath and following the energy inside.

I chose the morning time after my tea. Sitting upright in a chair, I took deep breaths to relax. Then I went inside following my breath stream. At the pit of my stomach, the energy centered itself.

Sitting still, I focused on the earth below. I could feel this energy come up my legs. The energy was warm and red-orange in color. Then, I reached for the sky with my left palm. I chose lifting my palm to balance the energy coming up my right leg. I felt the cool blue energy come down my arm into my stomach. There the circle of energy formed a galaxy of stars. Afterwards the energy strands separated, and I felt refreshed.

The next day, I sat up and only extended my right hand to the sky. I let the earth flow up my left leg. My leg was able to distill the energy’s intensity. Now, a yellow ribbon of energy went inside my stomach.

This time, I felt the mingling of Two Powers. The yellow ribbon became purple from the red energy of the earth and the blue energy of the sky. Raising one arm helped me to direct the energy without making me nauseous. For me, my stomach seems to be the centering and grounding place of energies.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Meditation (part 2)

What I have discovered in my meditation practices is that an engrossing one is as good as sitting and chanting. Doing needlepoint is a reflective activity. I am lulled by the rhythm of the push and pull of the needle through the cloth. When I am finished, I have created something of beauty. Another form of meditation for me is cooking in a mindful way. As I choose the food for myself and my family and prepare it, I connect to the Gods. Cooking and needlework focuses me to the task at hand and takes me out of myself. When I am engaged in these activities, my mind and body become joined in a meaningful way.

I take walks. Walking the same route daily, I set my mind free to where it wants to go. The rhythm of walking stills the chatter of my mind and helps me to focus inward. As I walk, I notice the trees, squirrels, buildings, and focus on one at a time. By doing this, I commune directly with nature. The walk transports me away from the here and now, and propels me into the world beyond. When I return home, I feel uplifted.

Also, I keep a daily journal. Writing down everything that occurs to me is a way of clearing my mind. With free association, I write down all sorts of things that are on my mind. Afterwards, I sort through and discover what is going on inside.

When I keep a drawing diary, I move deeper into the world of color, shape, and form. I focus on my subjects and see things that I have never known. I learned that ferrets have purple highlights in their fur, and that rainbow trout really do reflect the rainbow. Every moment is a polished jewel in my mind.

As I worked through my problems, I arrived at these methods for mediation. I prefer switching around, rather than using one method only. This works best for me.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Florida Marlins and Manatees

This just in -- the Florida Marlins baseball team has decided to have a cheerleading team of agile but overweight men - called the Manatees! Not much inventive thinking there but still a team of overweight men leading cheers is a bit heartening. Let's hear it for the Manatees! And the Marlins too. Go FISH, go GO!