Friday, March 14, 2008

Crystal Jewel Divination (2)

For crystal casting, I use a circular mat that I had made. This mat’s center circle is a different color from the rest. When I cast a stone, I can easily tell how far from the center it falls.

I do a single stone cast by taking the stones from my bag and sifting them through my fingers. What often happens is that the crystal of the day lands on my lap. Usually, this is how the stone elders make themselves known to me.

Doing a three stone cast for me has been challenging. I let the stone sift through my fingers until one feels right. That elder, I cast for myself. If this crystal was different from the “elder of the day”, they landed off-center. However, if they were the same, the elder usually landed in the center.

Casting the next two stones is more complex. If the self stone was not the elder of the day, and one of the others was, they would land in the center. However, if none of the stones were the “Stone of the Day”, they landed off the mat.

Since I am a linear thinker, interpreting the three-stone cast was demanding. I prefer the “past-present-future” layout – how A flows into B into C. This casting has two dimensions: time and relationships. First comes the present with the self and others, then the potential happiness to follow. Interpreting my relationships in the present, then switching to myself only in the future is a stretch for me.

By casting over a month, I wanted to see if the three-stone method matched the month’s events. From the elders, I received a lot of counsel to strive for harmony and clarity. All the stone elders made themselves known during the month. This is an area of divination, I intend to explore further.

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