Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crystal Jewel Divination

I do many types of divination. Depending on the occasion, I use the Runes, Ogham, or Tarot. In doing Roman rituals, I use traditional Roman methods for animal divining. (I watch what the animals are doing.) For personal readings, I use the Runes or Ogham. In readings for others, I use the Tarot or oracle cards.

Depending on the season, I also employ different methods of divining. For example, in winter, I cast stones. Because winter is the season of introspection and quiet, I can hear voices of the stone elders without distraction. When they sing, “pick me”, I take the stones from a pouch. Then, I “throw” them and watch where they land on a layout of compass directions. (Each direction has a meaning: North-spirit, East-mind, South-body, and West-emotions.) Then I ask each elder what they have to say to me. The stones tell me through their colors, shapes, and how they twinkle. I enter their world, and hear their songs.

I do not consider one form of divination “better” than another. I see whether they are appropriate to the occasion. For example, in a Roman ritual, Norse Runes are inappropriate, since the Runes are closely tied with the Norse Gods. For general readings, the Tarot or oracle cards are acceptable.

The form of divination that works best for me also depends on the season. Winter is the best time for me to do crystal divination. I prefer doing the Ogham in the fall, when the trees are actively changing color. Spring and summer are for animal and plant oracles.

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