Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dragon Jewels: Single Stone Casting

In the month of recording daily casts of the stones, no one crystal predominated. However, patterns did develop over the weeks. For the first half of the month, tiger eye dominated, while citrine took the lead for the second half. Ruby and moonstone only showed up once or twice.

Tiger eye (of Earth and Gaia, the Mother Earth Dragon) wanted me to focus on my financial affairs. During this slow time in my business, I had to make important money decisions. Supporting tiger eye was snowflake obsidian (of Saturn and Grael, the Mistress of the Night.) This stone elder counseled me to make the best of what I had. Appearing once, Ruby (of Mars and Freyeth, the Flame Lord) told me not to feel so helpless.

Citrine (of Mercury and Rai, the Thunder Lord) re-enforced the fertility aspects of tiger eye. Citrine gave me clarity to transform my thinking. Moving outside of myself, I sought more vending opportunities. Once tiger eye’s role was done, citrine directed me to what I to do next.

Checking the daily casting against my journal showed no particular pattern of advice from day to day. However, the stone elders wanted me to remain flexible, and to listen to all of their counsel. The elders wanted me to use my head, and work more on developing my talents. Amber (of Uranus and Ayahz, the Master Healer) stressed change. Aquamarine (of Neptune and Tiamaat, Mistress of the Waters) asked me to look for hidden advantages.

My conclusion is that the daily guides represented the ups and downs of life. In statistical language, they were “noise”. However, basic trends (themes) did emerge. The daily casting is useful to determine if an elder is knocking at your door. Otherwise, it is useful in hindsight to understand each of the elders and their messages.

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