Sunday, March 20, 2011

BLACK MAMBA: Reputation

The fastest snake in the world, Black Mamba speeds along clocking in about seven miles per hour (11 KPH).  However, She cannot sustain this high speed for long distances.  Black Mamba uses her speed mainly for escape from danger and not for hunting.
            Unlike other Elapids (Cobra-like Snakes) Black Mamba will live in trees.  Long and lithe, She easily climbs through low branches.  While in the trees, this ambush predator will wait for her prey to come by.
            Not a particularly robust Snake, Black Mamba will however not cede ground to anyone.  At the slightest sense of danger, this nervous Snake will defend Herself.  Rearing up when threatened, Black Mamba will flatten her neck and open her mouth.  (Her name “Black Mamba” comes from the black insides of her mouth.  Her body color usually is gunmetal grey or brown.)
            Black Mamba holds the distinction of being the most venomous Snake in Africa.  Many Africans call Black Mamba, the “Shadow” or “Kiss of Death”.  For them, this venomous Snake is vicious and shrewd.  Many attacks on people by Black Mamba occur in sugar cane fields.  She likes to sun Herself on top of the stalks, and is easily surprised by cane workers.
            Black Mamba inspires fear and respect in people.  What they do not know is that when She is frightened, She races to her hiding place.  Unfortunately for people, Black Mamba will attack anyone in her way.  If you let Her go about her business, you will remain safe.
            Black Mamba has an outsized reputation.  Although her bite is fatal, She is not the Snake who attacks the most people.  Various members of the Puff Adder Family are.  However more people will die when they are bitten by Black Mamba.  This major fact is imprinted in everyone’s mind.
            Black Mamba teaches to check your reputation.  Find out what is true and what is not.  See if your reputation is deserved or not.  Remember Black Mamba flees danger but will attack anybody who stands in her way.  From this comes her reputation as the deadliest Snake in Africa.

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