Friday, October 05, 2007

Sugar Gliders (part two)

More on the Sugar Gliders. After reading about them on the net, I have discovered they are the latest in pocket pets. I have a hard time with people having wild animals as pets. Sugar Gliders need a lot of care and feeding that most people do not know about.

From Australian Fauna:
These amazing little animals are native to Australia, and have taken their name from their ability to glide through the air and their love of sweet things such as sugar.

These creatures are found along eastern and northern Australia. The Sugar Gliders are small creatures with a shiny grey-silver coat. They are around 40 cm's long from nose to tail, and weigh just 150 grams.

They feed at night, mainly on insects found in trees, but also the sap from trees such as the eucalyptus. They can move about very efficiently from tree to tree, and glide through the air.

More editorial content from Sugar Glider University :

Sugar glider husbandry is very difficult for the average pet owner. Sugar gliders are not domesticated animals, and are, therefore, not a "companion pet."

Owning and maintaining a sugar glider colony is more like maintaining a small zoo exhibit than having a pet. It is very important to practice good husbandry with sugar gliders, as most captive sugar gliders in the U.S. die very prematurely due to inadequate husbandry practices.

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