Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sugar Gliders and Basketball Players

At the Washington Wizards' media day, Gilbert Arenas, one of the star players, passed out stuffed sugar gliders to promote his cartoon series. "Gazo the Pranksta". The sugar glider is called "Agent Zip". As Mr. Arenas explained, "He's a sugar glider. He's a character, but not really a character, and he was the cutest thing I could give you guys."

(The cartoon series is about Mr. Arenas' high school days.

Inside the sugar glider's zippered pouch was the following poem:
"Hypocrites, fools and the oversensitive beware.
Embrace your differences.
Who said life was fair?
Conforming for the inside.
What are you doing?
Watching from the outside.
Creativity brewing.
Don’t take yourself so seriously.
Things aren’t always as they appear.
It’s cool to be different.
Especially here.
We’re Generation Zero."


What are sugar gliders, you may ask?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog!

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