Monday, October 08, 2007

Rescuing Box Turtles from Maryland’s Planned ICC Highway (part 2)

What is the ICC Highway?

This 18 mile highway would run north of the Capital Beltway (Washington D.C.) aka 495, connecting Interstate 270 with Interstate 95 in Laurel MD. This highway has been debated for years now to help the traffic flow in Maryland. One problem, it goes through prime turtle territory as well as other animals. This road is to be a six lane toll road.

My Opinion

The problem with building more roads is that they increase the traffic. Instead of roads, mass transit is needed. However, in this area (VA-DC-MD), people prefer driving to using the bus or subway. Sigh, we have the worst air pollution outside of L.A. Instead ozone actions days, we go one step higher - Code Purple.

The Turtles?

This highway costs $2.4 billion. They have only allocated $20,000 to finding the turtles and putting transmitters on them. The transmitter will allow for turtle evacuation when the highway construction starts. However, the time is limited and will probably occur when the turtles are hibernating.

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