Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina and Marine Mammals

Most people think in terms of helping pets but there are other animals who need help as well. As New Orleans pumps out its water, this water will end up in the ocean. Since this water is toxic, little is known as to what will happen to the marine animals.

FROM The Marine Mammal Center

Hurricane Katrina

The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina continues to be realized in Louisiana, Mississippi and surrounding areas. In addition to the human loss and grief, property damage and economic loss to the region, many animals have been impacted as well. In Gulfport, Mississippi, before the storm hit, dolphins from a nearby aquarium were rescued and transported to higher ground and later into a hotel pool filled with saltwater. In other areas, reports have been made of people keeping sea lions wet by throwing buckets of brown water on them.

If an agency asks for The Marine Mammal Center's assistance, we will do our best to help where resources allow. There are organizations currently working to help other groups within the hurricane zone take care of marine mammals, as well as pets that have either been injured or displaced due to the disaster. Both the Humane Society of America and the AVMA (Am Vet Medical Association) have disaster teams deployed to the hurricane area. The AVMA teams consist of veterinarians, techs, etc. Both groups are accepting donations. Here are some links you may find useful to learn more about animal rescue efforts or to see how you can help:

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