Friday, March 23, 2007

More Animal Predictions

Whatever occupation one has, when he hears the frogs croak for the first time in the spring, will be one's occupation for the entire year.

Make a wish when you see a spider spinning a web and the wish will come true. If you see a brown spider crawling around on any clothes in your closet, don't brush it away! The spider means you will be getting new clothes.

A bee flying into the house means a stranger is coming.

If you say "mumbly up" repeatedly over an anthill, the ants will come up out of the hole.
Saying "mumbly down" makes the ants go back down.

It is lucky to have a snake live in, near, or under your house.

When you see a crow for the first time in a new year, observe its flight-- that will indicate the distance you will travel that year. If the crow just sits there, it means no journey; if it flies out of sight, it means you'll take a very long journey.

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