Monday, November 19, 2007

Animals in Culture

Various cultures had animals symbolize aspects of religion and nature.

In the Zodiac of the skies: we see Cancer the crab, Aquila the eagle, Capricorn the goat, Draco the dragon, Taurus the bull. and Lepus the hare, among other constellations.

In 19th Century symbology of Western Culture, the lion represented Africa, buffalo North America, bull Europe, and the elephant for Asia.

The Muslims have 10 animals: Abraham's ram, Balaam's ass, Balkis' lapwing, Johah's whale, Mohammed's Alborak (horse), Moses' ox, Noah's dove, Seleh's camel. Solomon's ant, and the dog of the Seven Sleepers.

Three of the Four Evangelists have animal representations - St. Mark the lion, St, Luke the ox, and St. John the eagle.

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