Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FALCON FAMILY (Falconidae): Nobility (2)

The other major grouping is the Polyborinae which comprises of the Caracaras, Forest Falcons, and Laughing Falcon. The Polyborinae are believed to be the direct descendants of the first Falcons. Generally grouped with the Polyborinae, Falconets and Pygmy Falcons are the smallest Birds of Prey who are active during the day.

Named for her shrill call, Laughing Falcon (Herpetotheres cachinnans) is a specialist at catching and eating Snakes. While sitting in a tree, She scans the ground for the elusive Snake. Espying one, Laughing Falcon drops like a stone, and quickly grabs the surprised Snake with her feet.

Living only in the Americas, Forest Falcons are well suited for life in the rainforests. With their short wings, these Birds can twist and turn whilst flying through the trees. Then with their long legs, Forest Falcons seize their prey.

Meanwhile Crested Caracara feeds on sick and dying animals. He also scavenges at garbage dumps for food. Unlike the other Falcons, He has long broad-rounded wings.

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