Monday, May 24, 2010


Killdeer (North America’s “Lapwing”) is a noisy conspicuous Plover of ploughed fields and golf courses. Although Killdeer is considered to be a “Shorebird”, She lives far from the water. The largest of the Ringed Plovers, Killdeer nests in gravelly areas, as long as it is near some water.

Killdeer has consummate parenting skills. When an intruder comes near her nest, She performs a complex “injury-feigning” display. First Mother Killdeer runs from the nest. Then She takes to the air, some distance away. If that does not work, Mother Killdeer lands, and proceeds to drag one of her wings. She does her “broken wing” display. Intrigued by this, the intruder usually follows Her away from her nest. After awhile, Mother Killdeer makes a miraculous recovery, and flies off, leaving the intruder confused.

Mother Killdeer is a smart parent. Wasting no energy or time, She knows what is effective in protecting her Chicks. Not only does Mother Killdeer have an excellent strategy, She also has a back-up plan. Learn effective parenting from Mother Killdeer.

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