Monday, November 14, 2011


The largest Mammoth of all was Imperial Mammoth (Mammuthus imperator).  Living in the warmer climates of North America, She only had a thin covering of hair similar to Modern Elephants.  Her great size meant that She also had a high broad skull and massive lower jaw.
Besides her great size, Imperial Mammoth could be also identified by her long deeply curved tusks, which were the longest tusks of any Elephantid.  She used her tusks to loosen the roots of shrubs for eating.  Moreover by swinging her head, Imperial Mammoth could knock a predator down with these massive tusks.
When Bull Imperial Mammoth became a teenager, the Herd Matriarch kicked Him out.  Roaming the countryside by Himself, He would fight others whom He encountered.  Since He had longer tusks than the Females, Bull Imperial Mammoth could defeat nearly everyone.  Out in the Badlands of Nebraska, two Imperial Mammoth Bulls were found locked in combat.  The two mature Bulls had been unable to separate their twisting tusks, died, and then became fossils.
Imperial Mammoth used her size and tusks to defend Herself.  She also used them to drive out Males from the family herd.  Meanwhile, Bull Imperial Mammoth fought to establish primacy amongst others.  However, there are two sides to combat.  We can choose when and why we fight.  Afterwards, we need to learn to live with the consequences of our actions.  If we choose unwisely, we can end-up like the two fossil Bull Mammoths.

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