Sunday, September 02, 2012

DEEP ANCESTORS: Wisdom (1 of 2)

Many of us consider our Ancestors for only a few generations back.  Some people do go further back but few will go beyond early “cave” Ancestors.  But, why not consider the Ancestors of “Deep Time,” the Ones who lived before Humans?  Since as a species, we would not have come into being without Them, We have their lives are encoded in our genes.

I learned more about these Ancient Animals after my traumatic brain injury.  Because I have a connection with animals, Mother Tyrannosaurus rex helped me to recover from my accident.  Like many people, I wanted to learn more from the Dinosaurs.  However, They told me to trace my human line back in time, before coming back to Them. By going back 700 million years to the Precambrian Supereon, I met many of these Ancient Beings who have messages for the Living today.

Why should we listen to these Ancient Ones?  Knowing Them would give us perspectives on life that Living Animals cannot.  Furthermore, these Deep Ancestors connect us to our Earth and to the Other Animals who live with us.  Also the secrets of life lie within these Ancient Animals, from whom we can discover how we are a part of the Great Chain of Being. 

These Ancient Dead can help us to understand our Human Ancestors, and the choices that They made in their lives.  Moreover, we can apply to our World today, their knowledge from their Lost Worlds.  From Them, We can learn how the Past becomes the Future.  Why did a Fish decide to walk on land?  Why would a Primate walk upright?  What further guidance will we receive from our Deep Ancestors?

Our Deep Ancestors show us how to take the long view of time.  What may seem like a disaster in the short-run, will turn out to be an impetus to a significant change.  To meet the challenges that They faced, these Ancient Animals transformed Themselves.  They teach us that if we prevent change, we will become extinct. 

What these Ancient Animals teach people is that “Extinction Happens.”  The Great Cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth is played out on a grand scale throughout the Earth’s history.  Extinction clears out everything to allow the next generation to come into being.  New life will appear in the changed world, while the older life will shape-shift into something better.  For example after the demise of the Dinosaurs, the Mammals multiplied and flourished.  Meanwhile, some of the Dinosaurs transformed into the Birds of today.

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