Saturday, November 03, 2012

Listening to Trees: Scarlet Oak

When the Scarlet Oak (Quercus coccinea, Beech Family), who lived near the dumpsters, found out that I was making the rounds visiting trees, He/She dropped several acorns on me.  Usually when I drop off my trash, I would visit with that particular Scarlet Oak.  This quiet tree wanted me to play with Her/Him.  (For some reason, the Scarlet Oak wanted me to know that She/He was both male and female.)  We played “acorns” for a while until the two nearby Scarlet Oaks decided to join in the game.  Feeling contented and full of fun, the Scarlet Oaks and I threw acorns at each other, while. The Scarlet Oaks informed me that They were not rulers of the forests here, but that the Tulip Poplar and Sycamore were.  The Scarlet Oaks were contented to live in the shade of the taller Sycamores.  My friend, the Scarlet Oak wanted me to laugh, and to experience joy in my life.  I shall continue to visit He/She and play.

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