Saturday, February 16, 2013

American Badger: Fighting Well

A member of the Weasel Family (Mustelidae), American Badger (Taxidea taxus) is not considered to be a “true badger” but is called “Badger.” American Badger has a distinctive white badger-like stripe. He uses his strong claws to dig out small Mammals out of their burrows. This cunning hunter can dig faster than a person with a shovel. People tell stories of American Badgers digging though concrete. Like other Badgers, He prefers a deep underground burrow covered by undergrowth.

American Badger is a sophisticated hunter. He just not only digs out Rodents but also plans how to get as many as possible. American Badger plugs all the doors to Ground Squirrel’s burrows except for one. At that entrance, He digs out Ground Squirrel and eats Him. Or American Badger will dig a connecting tunnel into the one remaining entrance and wait for Ground Squirrel. When Ground Squirrel leaves, He pounces on the unfortunate animal.

American Badger is a formable fighter. His compact body and powerful claws gives anyone wanting to attack American Badger pause for thought. While his attacker is thinking, American Badger digs into the soil so fast that He disappears into the ground. He chooses when to fight and when to leave.

Unlike Eurasian Badger (“true badger”), American Badger is usually solitary. He also has a reputation for sometimes being too aggressive. Be mindful of both things when learning from American Badger.

American Badger teaches what to do when confronted. Either fight fiercely or take advantage of your opponent’s confusion and leave quickly. Learn fighting well from American Badger.
American Badger

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