Friday, May 24, 2013


Note: Front claws may be incorrect.

Discovered in 1849 on the Isle of Wight, Hypsilophodon was first mistaken for a small Iguanodon. Since both species were considered to be “Beaked Dinosaurs” (Ornithopoda), confusion about who was who was common in the early days of paleontology. Finally in 1874, scientists decided that She was a different Genus from Iguanodon. However paleontologists continued to make erroneous assumptions about Hypsilophodon. For example, they believed that She climbed trees like Tree Kangaroo. Then in 1970, paleontologists re-examined their theories about Her. They realized that Hypsilophodon was a fast runner who could not climb trees.
            Once scientists sorted out who Hypsilophodon was, they were amazed by her speed. Besides being small and light, She had long and slender legs. Using her strong thigh muscles, Hypsilophodon could dodge and dart between the larger Dinosaurs. While running on her two feet, She held her long tail straight out for balance. Built for speed, Hypsilophodon could execute sharp maneuvers.
            When faced with the need for a speedy getaway or to avoid being crushed by something larger than you, look to Hypsilophodon for help. Let Her show you how to zip around with ease. Also learn from Her how to finesse tricky corners. When speed is needed, what better teacher than Hypsilophodon?

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