Saturday, June 08, 2013

IGUANODON: Question Authority 2 of 2)

Tail should be straight out.

So what does Iguanodon looks like now? Weighing about 3.5 tons (3 metric tons), She stood 33 feet (13 meters) tall. Her front hands had three stiff fingers to bear her weight, when Iguanodon walked on all fours. Besides her “thumb” spike, She also had a dexterous “pinkie” finger. As Iguanodon aged, She would spend more time walking on four legs instead of two.
            People have been entranced by Iguanodon in her many forms. Her statue at the Crystal Palace once awed children and their parents. Then, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had Her star in his novel, “The Lost World.” Bcause one of her fossils was found there, the borough of Maidstone, Kent placed Iguanodon on their coat of arms. In modern times, Disney featured a male Iguanodon as a hero in the movie “Dinosaur.”
            Iguanodon introduced people to Dinosaurs, and then gently prodded them to reconsider their own ideas. She led people to consider the unimaginable, and then to make it real. Since She is not satisfied with the status quo, Iguanodon urged scientists to rethink their theories.. Let Iguanodon gently question your assumptions as She questions authority.

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