Saturday, July 12, 2014

EMU: Wandering Spirit

Second only to Ostrich in size, Emu is a large, flightless bird. A native of Australia, Emu appears with Kangaroo on Australia’s Coat of Arms. This distinctive looking Bird thrives by roaming around Australia.

Long and strong legs enable Emu to run swiftly, and to walk long distances. His fat reserves enables Emu to live during lean times. In addition, when food is exhausted in one area, Emu will walk hundreds of miles search for more food. Unable to fly, Emu exploits where He lives by keeping His feet to the ground, wandering from place to place.

The nomadic Emu shows that adventure can be found around the next corner. Explore and find out what you seek. But do not keep wandering to the point that you become dissatisfied easily. Also stay and finish what you are doing.

Important Emu Teaching: Attentiveness and Action
“These great flightless birds of the open plains forage attentively in family groups and pair off during breeding season to share time together. The male then assumes the role of incubator directing his attention to the care of the eggs for 60 days and then the chicks as they grow. When spurred into action, an Emu can reach speeds of 55km per hour, making it difficult for predators to run them down.” Copyright: “Wisdom of Australian Animals”, Ann Williams-Fitzgerald.

Emu’s Teachings Also Include:
“Emu Dreaming lends itself to the teaching of effective parenting skills and the endurance that is required to execute the role.” Copyright: “Animal Messengers”, Scott Alexander King.

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