Saturday, June 06, 2015

Tarot: Major Arcana: Tarot of the Animal Lords: Fool to Lovers (2 of 2)

V. The Hierophant. Dressed in ritual robes, the red stag stands stiffly holding his staff of religious office. On his antlers perches a cardinal, while standing next to him is a stork. (All these animals are connected with piety and religion.) In the background, the trees are straight with groomed, rounded crowns. As rising sun highlights the sacredness of the grove, the Hierophant offers a sense of order and strictness. Meanwhile, the bareness of green landscape emphasizes the uncluttered serenity of the Hierophant’s interior life.

VI. The Lovers. Two Mandarin ducks gaze tenderly at the other. (In animal lore, Mandarin ducks are devoted partners.) Since the male is wearing a sword, I think that these two are greeting each other after a war. Surrounding them is an orange grove (a tree noted for love). Moreover, the Lovers are standing under an arbor of oranges and orange blossoms, as orange butterflies flutter around them. The color orange gives me a feeling of tenderness and mature love. The activity of the summer’s day in the orchard fills me with contentedness. Love encompasses all things.

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