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CERATOSAURUS: Accept Yourself

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Called “horned lizard,” because of her two “horns” on her head, Ceratosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic. This puzzled many paleontologists since She was a primitive meat-eating Dinosaur. (These Dinosaurs were thought to only have lived in the late Triassic.) Ceratosaurus live amongst the more advanced Dinosaurs such as fearsome Allosaurus and ferocious Torvosaurus.

One of the oldest known Ceratosaurs (a Family of Primitive Meat-eaters), Ceratosaurus was one of the first of her Family to be discovered. Found in the 1880s, She was named in 1884 by the paleontologist Othniel C. Marsh. The family of Ceratosaurus is a highly diverse group, including Noasaurus, with his strange teeth and Abelisaurus, with her ridiculously short arms, all dissimilar Dinosaurs. Ceratosaurs are often lumped with Coelophysis’ Family. However, Coelophysis and his relatives are an earlier branch of the Theropods (Meat-eaters).

Modestly-sized Ceratosaurus shared the Western U.S. landscape with giant Allosaurus, a formidable predator. However, She was a hunter to be reckoned with, with her short powerful neck and large teeth. This effective predator, also, had a massive tail and bulky body. Small enough to be agile,Ceratosaurus chased fast prey on her two strong legs. Using her superior hunting skills, She ate quite well.

What made Ceratosaurus stand out amongst the other Meat-eaters was her ornamentation. Her nasal “horn” was an extension of the bones at her snout. Her other “horn” was the fusion of separate bones. Besides her nose “horn,” Ceratosaurus had two short brow ridges and bony knobs above her eyes. Unlike other Theropods, She had osteoderms (plates) running down her back. This ridge made Her resemble an ancient dragon.

Standing out in the landscape, Ceratosaurus, so different from the other Theropods, demonstrates how to “let your freak flag fly.” Her odd and strange appearance shows a sense of adventurous and unconventional thinking. Ceratosaurus accepts Herself. Being comfortable with who She is, Ceratosaurus is a consummate hunter, succeeding in living well. Let Her teach you how to accept yourself, “warts and all.”

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