Thursday, October 29, 2015

BARYONYX: Original Thinking

In 1983, at a clay pit at Surrey, England, an unusual dinosaur was found – one that hunted fish. William Walker, an amateur fossil hunter, found a huge claw and later the skeleton it had come from buried nearby. After his discovery, paleontologists uncovered more specimens of Baryonyx, after re-examining old fossils that had been collected years before. Because Baryonyx was a Meat-eater, her discovery was more remarkable since previous fossils from this quarry had yielded only Plant-eaters.

The most surprising about this Dinosaur from the early Cretaceous (about 125 million years ago), was the half-digested remains of fish, as well as, an Iguanodonwithin her skeletal remains. As scientists studied the fossilized bones of Baryonyx, they realized that her long slender jaws were ideal for fishing. Moreover, her front teeth stuck out from her narrow jaws. Larger than the rest, these teeth formed a rosette pattern ideal for the stabbing and retention of a struggling fish. Possessing almost twice as many teeth as Tyrannosaurus rex, Baryonyx could easily snag a fish with her small sharp teeth.

With a body similar to a modern crocodile, Baryonyx was built for swimming in swamps. Her long, streamlined body was perfect for moving about in water. With her extended neck, Baryonyx could lunge and spear a tasty fish, before It could escape. With her nostrils placed back along her snout, Baryonyx would remain nearly submerged in the water, patiently waiting for her next meal.
Furthermore, her huge claws allowed Baryonyx to fish whilst wading in streams. Standing in the water, She would wait for a fish to swim by. Because each of her first fingers was tipped with a large, barbed claw, Baryonyx could swipe at and hook fish.

At a time, when other carnivorous Dinosaurs hunted only on land, Baryonyx looked to the water. An original thinker, Baryonyx pondered other ways of getting her food. Rather than compete on land with the other Dinosaurs, She hunted in the ancient swamps and streams. Before there were Bears, She was in streams hooking fish with her claws. When faced with a baffling problem, ask Baryonyx for her insights. Since She could envision things that others could not, Baryonyx will offer you novel answers. Sort out which idea makes sense to you and go with it.

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