Monday, December 21, 2015

Norse Runes: Runic Engergies of Scorpions

Fehu:       The pet trade for emperor scorpions provides wealth for collectors.      
Uruz: As an Order, scorpions have existed on earth for at least 450 million years.

Thurisaz:    The scorpion uses its stinger to impart its venom.            

Ansuz:    Since there are almost 2,000 species of scorpions, each with its own variable venom, scientists have researched for the antidotes for each and every venom. 

Raidho: Scorpions have traveled worldwide by hiding cargo ships.  

Kennaz:   To hunt an insect, scorpions skillfully use their acute sense of smell and touch.

Gifu: Emperor Scorpions are given as pets.

Wunjo: Watching a scorpion leave its home permanently and go someplace else makes people happy.

Hagalaz:       Scorpions grab small prey with their pincers and crush their victim. 

Nauthiz:  Since they can only ingest liquids, scorpions use their venom to liquidate their prey.

Isa: Whilst hunting, scorpions remain still to detect the vibrations of their prey.

Jera: For 450 million years, the adaptable scorpion has lived on earth as an Order within the Arachnids.

Eihwaz:    Scorpions are solitary by nature.

Perthro: The variability of the venom for each species changes the probability of dying from a sting.
Elhaz: The scorpion’s stinger provides for defense against its enemies.

Sigel:   Energy occurs when a scorpion converts solid prey into a liquid pulp for digestion. 

Tyr: Since it takes weeks to liquefy its victim, a scorpion is patient and focused on the act of eating.

Berkana: A mother scorpion will protect and carry her scorplings up to 2 years. Her fertility enables scorpions to continue as an Order.

Ehwaz: Some people think that owning a fattail scorpion (one of the deadliest) enhances their status.

Mannaz: “Scorpion” is its identity with 2000 species divided into 13 families.

Laguz:          Venom flows out of a scorpion.

Inguz:  Scorpions reproduce in a spectacular mating dance.

Dagaz: The venom of the scorpion changes the prey from solid to liquid.

Othala: The legacy of the scorpion is its adaptability as one of the first land animals.

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