Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Norse Runes: Runic Energies: Popular Culture

Fehu:       The TV Western, “Bonanza” is set in Virginia City, Nevada during one of the richest silver strikes in the U.S. The wealth of the Cartwright family is their ranch, The Ponderosa. 

Thurisaz:    “The Untouchables” (1956) with Robert Stack is riddled with Thurisaz energy. Treasury Agent Elliot Ness strives to bring justice to Prohibition Ear Chicago. Each episode depicts murder and brutality against innocent people.

Ansuz:     Yoda of “Star Wars” taught many generations of Jedi Knights from Ben Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker to Luke Skywalker. He was also the head of the Jedi Council.     
Raidho: The TV Western, “Rawhide” depicted the lives of drovers as they herd cattle along the Sedalia Trail (from Texas to Missouri). Each episode opened with the sight of the cowboys urging cows to move along the range.

Kennaz:    “Hell’s Kitchen” with Master Chef Gordon Ramsey is about choosing the best chef to run a new restaurant. Each week, Ramsey gives the chefs tasks to prove their skill and mastery in both cooking and running a restaurant.

Gifu: O’Henry’s short story, “The Gift of the Magi” tells of two poor newly-weds who struggle to give the other a gift of meaning. They sell their most prized possessions to give the other their loving gift.

Wunjo: Throughout the years, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” have brought children joy in their antics. Adults are amused by the high squeaky voices of the trio, and smile at their adorableness.

Hagalaz:       Moby Dick, the White Whale, terrorized the seas by destroying whaling boats. In “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville, this whale smashed the boats carrying Captain Ahab, his pursuer. Finally, Moby Dick killed Ahab and nearly all his crew by throwing his whale body on top of the craft. 

Eihwaz:         PBS “Frontline” presents controversial issues such as NSA spying for national security. The objective of the series is to have people think about these issues. They do that by presenting various points of views for their viewers to consider.

Perthro: The TV science-fiction show, “Quantum Leap” presented a protagonist trying to return to his own time and life. As he struggles to get home, he is forced to “leap” from time period to time period, and into the lives of different people. The “jumps” were completely random.

Berkana: The TV show, “Shark Tank” features investors willing to sponsor inventors. Each episode, several inventors present their ideas to the investors for consideration. A lucky few get funded for their work by the investors.

Othala: The legacy of Gene Roddenberry is the “Star Trek” franchise. Each show, movie, book, and comic presents his optimistic and hopeful view of the future. Furthermore, millions of people have responded to his vision by becoming ardent fans.

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