Monday, May 16, 2016

Working with Your Shadow Animal: Summary

(Hourglass Dolphins)
My blog "Animal Wisdom" at Witches and Pagans features "Working with Your Shadow Animal: Summary"

"Our shadow animals are the dynamic that brings change to our lives. They test us, and give us the energy to change ourselves. They break us out of our comfortable places, and push us out into the world. Our shadow animals help us to integrate ourselves. Without our shadow animals, we would be incomplete.

By challenging us, shadow animals also teach us many life lessons. They help us with family legacy issues, and resolve feelings of shame and guilt. Not only that but they guide us through a life of chaos to one of empowerment.

As I have indicated in my other blog entries, there are several types of shadow animals. (I list them at the end of this blog.) They range from the shadow archetype to the dark trickster. Therefore it is also important to know what type your shadow animal is. This will help you in your shadow work."

Read more at: working with your shadow animal (summary)

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