Friday, August 05, 2016

Using Animal Oracle Cards to Discover Your Animals

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A popular method for finding your Animals of the Heart is with animal oracle cards. While there are many fine decks, they are all limited in both the types and number of animals that they feature. Moreover, most decks are mammal-centric. Birds are usually represented by “Crow (or Raven),” “Eagle,” “Hawk,” “Hummingbird,” and “Owl.” Reptiles are limited to “Lizard,” “Snake,” and “Turtle.” Insects (and related others) are “Bee,” “Dragonfly,” and “Spider.”

Therefore, I would recommend a world-oriented deck since they will feature a wider range of animals. The methods that I suggest can work with most decks. Many popular decks tend to be North American specific, with a sprinkling of world animals. There are special themed decks which focus on Australian animals, birds, pets and other related topics. If you feel strongly about a certain grouping, then use those specialty decks.

To use the deck, shuffle the cards and deal seven cards. Study the animals and note your reactions. For example, you draw “Lizard,” what does that mean? I have only one deck out of the fifty that I own which features Tuatara, a lizard-like reptile. Therefore if an uncommon animal is calling to you, be prepared for a deeper investigation.

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