Friday, October 07, 2016

Tarot: Hanged Man, The Tower, and The Devil and me

My current life can be expressed in three cards. The Tower is a visual display of what happened to me. I was not hit by lightening but a wall literally fell on me. In an instance like The Tower, my life was changed completely.
 My brain injury, itself, is The Devil, since it limits me in what I can do. It inhibits me from living freely, since I have to choose and weight the consequences of doing an activity. If I go to a party, I will become overstimulated by the people, noise, and disruption to my daily routine. This means two days after the party of not leaving my house and living in darkened rooms. In response, I employ creative problem-solving to deal with each challenge as it presents itself. 

The card that reflects me now is The Hanged Man. Now upside down in my life, I have a different perspective on life. After nearly dying and then coming back to life, I live between two worlds. For me, life becomes a paradox as I navigate in a new world. For these reasons, I see my life with ebbs and flows instead of a Hero’s Journey.

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