Monday, November 21, 2016

Tarot: Major Arcana: Astrology (2 of 2)

Mars is force and energy that breaks through similar to The Tower. Jupiter, as the planet of expansion and luck, is appropriate for The Wheel of Fortune. Meanwhile, the principle energy of Uranus is liberation which matches The Fool. Judgment and Pluto both focus on transformation.
 What puzzled me the most was the connections of Cancer, the Crab to The Chariot, Sagittarius, the Archer to Temperance, Neptune to The Hanged Man, and Saturn to The World. As a reader, I need to know the reasons for these particular couplings. Is there a hidden aspect to each card that these astrological concepts focus on? Am I missing something? If so, what?

 Cancer knows where they are going and how to get there, which is appropriate for The Chariot. However, Cancer changes moods like the wind. This points to any conflict that needs to be examined while reading The Chariot. Also Cancer stabilizes The Chariot since this Sign is selective in what it does.

 Sagittarius is restless and high spirited, lending movement to Temperance. The subtle message is that Temperance should not be stagnant, but instead keep flowing. Sagittarius gives the warning to the reader of the tendency of Temperance to remain static.

 Saturn is the planet of limitation and fate. Paired with The World, it cautions the reader to beware of wishful thinking. Saturn grounds The World from flights of fancy. The World is to be earned, not handed to someone is something that the reader should know.

 This leaves Neptune and The Hanged Man, both difficult to understand. Neptune is the mystic, whose principle energy is transcendence. The Hanged Man is in limbo, perhaps in a chrysalis much like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The two are mystics, detached from the world. Therefore, Neptune reinforce the otherworldliness of The Hanged Man.

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