Monday, July 17, 2017

PIG ! HOG FAMILY: Enjoying Yourself

The Family of Suidae is either called “Pigs” or “Swine”. “Pig” refers to any wild or domesticated animal in the Suidae Family. “Hog” is only used for domesticated Pigs on a farm or for Warthog of Africa. “Boar” has two uses – a male pig or the wild Pigs native to Europe and Asia.

Suidae live in forests and woodlands and are divided into five groups. They are Pigs (Sus), African Bush Pigs (Potamochoerus), Giant Forest Hogs (Hylochoerus), Warthogs (Phacochoerus), and Babirusa (Babyrousa). Suidae are native to Eurasia and Africa but not to North and South America or Australia. Wild Pigs of those places are domestic Hogs gone feral.

Surefooted and fast runners, Pigs live in tall grass or reeds. Contrary to popular beliefs, Pigs rarely overeat. They can live nearly everywhere because Pigs can find food anywhere. They root in the ground with their snouts for roots and mushrooms. Pigs also eat Worms and Snakes that They find. However, wherever Pigs are, They need water to wallow in, since Pigs have few sweat glands.

Pigs that most people are acquainted with are European Wild Boars. Domestic Hogs are descendents of Wild Boars that roam in Asia and Europe. Bush Pigs live in Africa, south of the Sahara. Like other Swine, They do their rooting after dark. Giant Forest Hogs, who have crescent-shaped growths under their eyes, also live in Africa. These Hogs were not discovered until the early 20th Century. Of course, also living in Africa are the fierce looking Warthogs, with bumps on their cheeks.

The most bizarre looking of all Mammals is Babirusa. Living in the Celebes and Moluccas Islands (of Indonesia), this Pig has tusks which grows through the roof of his snout before curving backwards. His name “Babirusa” means “pig deer”.

Among the ancient people of Britain, Pigs were important and powerful. They provided sustenance and knowledge to people. Since Pigs were incredibly fertile, people thought that They were from the Gods. In addition, ancient people told stories of how Pigs guided people to hidden knowledge such as the healing waters of Bath, England.

Pigs know how to have fun. In the mornings, They root around snorting and grunting to each other. Meanwhile, little Piglets run around and play. Later in the day, all the Pigs pile next to each other and sleep. They stretch out in their cool wallow, and snore in the warm sun. Pigs enjoy themselves and the day. Learn how to do the same from Pigs.

Pig Family’s Teachings Include:
“The Pig shatters perceptions but like a mother with a child, makes you face new and often frightening experiences in order to grow into full awareness.” Copyright: “Beasts of Albion”, Miranda Gray.

“You can open yourself to the abundance that exist through nature. Allow yourself to feast on life–to enjoy its beauties and its sensual delights.” Copyright: “Boar”, “The Druid Animal Oracle”, Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

“I like pigs. All dogs look up to you. All cats look down to you. Only the pig looks at you as an equal.” -- Winston Churchill.
Pig Family’s Wisdom Includes:
How to Nurture
Guide to Knowledge
How to Flourish
Having Common Sense
Being Intelligent
Intuitively Know How to Respond In Any Situation
Being Charge of Personal Space

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