Saturday, October 22, 2005

Blue Jays are Back and Noisy as ever

Recently, I have been unable to sit up for long periods. So I have placed bread out on my balcony for the birds. For amusement, I watch them as they steal the bread or fight among themselves. A wren will come and fly off. Sparrows will mob the table for bread.

Recently, the blue jays have returned. They come, one at a time, grab a piece of bread and fly off. Then another one comes. They keep watching each other and squawk, when one of them is taking too long to eat. Once I saw two of them circling the table where the bread was. It reminded me of one of those duels that you read about.

I have enjoyed these noisy crafty birds. What I have discovered is how they are both thoughtful and obnoxious at the same time. For me, they seem to live double lives - the noisy squawker and the quiet parent. I have had a close relationship with them every since one dive bombed me since she thought I was too close to her baby jay.

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