Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gorillas All Around Me

Last Sunday, I watched a program on gorillas on PBS. They were telling how gorillas learn and pass on their teachings to the next generation. Zoos today try to have rainforests for their gorillas live in. The gorillas forage for their food, while their little ones play.

Since Sunday, I have encountered gorillas in many forms. First on a Simpsons TV show using King Kong as a character. Then, I was reading about Michael Jackson wanting to film a new version. Today, I received a calendar with Koko, the gorilla.

Koko learned sign language and can communicate with people. He understands who he is and who everyone else is.

So, since I encountered gorillas in four different ways, they have a message for me.

From Animal Teachers:
Gorilla teaches peaceful living. Remaining calm, He goes about his affairs. Even when a strange Gorilla shows up, He will not attack. However, Gorilla will state his position forcefully. Learn strength and gentleness from Him.

Gorilla’s Advice Also Includes:

“When Gorilla appears, it is a reminder that our own strengthens – our inner strength and nobility – are about to be recognized. Gorilla reminds us of the mobility of proper living for one’s family and community.” – Copyright: “The Animal-Wise Tarot”, Ted Andrews.

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