Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Families of Dragons

Families of Dragons

Copyright Virginia Carper 2007

To understand dragons better, people have commonly divided them into various families. As in scientific classification, organizing dragons into groups gives folks a framework to learn about them. For most people, the easiest basis for classifying dragons isby where they live.

By studying dragon families, you can discern who are friendly and who are dangerous. Since each family has their own unique talents, they can offer matchless wisdom to you. Because each dragon family governs a cardinal direction, you do need to figure out the hostile ones to ensure your safety.

Fire and Chaos Dragons are dangerous for different reasons. Traditionally hostile to humans, Fire Dragons must be approached with great care. Meanwhile, Chaos Dragons, who are a part of the universe’s fabric, have intense, unbounded energy. They can annihilate a careless person.

Fortunately for us, the other dragon families are less formidable. Ruling the weather together, Water and Air Dragons are both benign and destructive. But they can be approached for soft breezes and gentle rains. Guarding the Earth’s treasures, Earth Dragons kill first and ask questions later. Nonetheless, their greatest treasure is their profound wisdom. Rarely encountered by humans, Ice Dragons prefer the silence and stillness of the Polar Regions. Their intensel ife force warms the coldest heart. On the other hand, the noisy Field Dragons love being guardian dragons of humans.

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