Friday, February 09, 2007

Mythic Animals: The Quest

The Mythic Animal Quest

Courting. First start by contemplating mythic animals, and acknowledge that they exist. Find out more about the mythic animal before contacting. Some are deceptive while others are dangerous.

Make a Shrine. To invite mythic animals into your life, make a place for them.

Seeking. First seek out your Guardian Animal. They will guide you to the animals that will work with humans. Listen to your Guardian on how to contact any mythic animal.

Calling. Work within a ritual because you need a meeting place with boundaries. Approach with great care, since some are tricky and will take advantage of you. Be clear on what you want to do.

Meeting. Focus on your awareness of the mythic animal, and wait for them to speak.

Working With Mythic Animals. Feel the mythic animal touching you, and go in harmony with them. Have an open mind and be willing to find new ways to communicate with them.

Talisman. Carry a talisman with their energy. Use this between encounters.

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