Sunday, February 25, 2007

"The Song of Amergin" - My Meditation (part 2)

“I am Salmon in Pool”
I am the wisdom of ages. Navigate the currents of life with me. Go into the world; swim the oceans and rivers. Return home to quiet pools. I am the circle of life.

“I am Lake on Plain”
Dive into me, discover the Otherworld. Look up my still waters and seek wisdom. I am the mirror to the soul.

“I am a Mountain in a Man.”
I am the giant of the earth. I am father to the sky. I am mother to the earth. Raise your eyes to the skies and see me.

“I am a Word of Skill,”
I am knowledge. I am tradition, culture, wisdom. Come with me, down the pathways of knowing and understand.

“I am the Point of a Weapon....A weapon fierce in battle.”
I sing the song of bloodlust. Join me in victory. Join me in battle. Like steel in fire, I make all stronger.

“I am One who fills the Head with Fire.”
I inspire the poet and warrior. Feel the fire in the blood of the spirit, of the mind. Burn brightly in me.

“Who makes smooth the rugged mountain?”
Who set the stars in the sky? Who put the fire into men’s souls. Who is the One?

“Who knows the ages of the moon?”
Who knows the age? The Salmon in the pool. The Boar of Boldness. The land, and the sea. The stars and sun know.

“Who knows the place of sunset?”
Who knows where goes the sun? “I do,” says the sky. “I do,” says the earth. Hear us.


(Picture copyright by Maryann Sterling)

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