Monday, February 19, 2007

Hummingbird Meditation

Hi! Welcome to my garden! Come flitter about with me. Drink from the sweetness of life. Be quick now! We have lots of flowers to visit. Bugs to eat. Dew to splash in. Come let’s frolic in the sunshine!

Dance among the flowers with me. Sip the nectar from each bloom. Catch the bugs in mid-air. Enjoy the bright morning with me. Preen your feathers and relax in the warm sun. I am a tiny jewel with a heart of a warrior. I am bold in what I do. What do I care if I am small? I enjoy my life.

Carry my confidence inside of you. Enjoy the miracle of life. Do not be afraid. Become the bright jewel you are meant to be. Fill your life with wonder and happiness.

Return with me to the Spiral Path. Leave my meadow and enter your world. Hum when you feel sad. I will come and brighten your heart. Honor me by keeping birds safe from cats. Help me by planting flowers for my long journey.

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