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My meditation begins with divination. Depending on the season, it could be a layout of Tarot, Oracle cards, Runes, stones, or Ogham staves. (In the summer, I go on a nature walk and commune with the animals I encounter.) This helps me to attune to worlds beyond this one. For me it helps to flow with the energies of the season for the purposes of meditating.

I begin by laying out my divination cloth. Then I light a candle and stare at the flame to clear my mind. Once I do the spread, I study the omen. Then, I flow into the world of the spread and listen to the whispers. As that world of the Kindred is laid out before me, I hear their whispers and murmurs.


Since Yule time is when the Norse Gods are the closest to Midgard, I use the Runes. For me, the laying of the Runes is entering into the world of the Gods. Odin the All-Father, obtained the Runes at a great cost. Before laying out the Runes, I ask the Norns to help with my choosing.

The Runes are an alphabet, forming words that give insights from the Gods. Within each word are layers of meanings that create a sentence. In the depths of the sentences, whisper the voices of the Norse Gods, revealing Their Thoughts.

Also in winter, I use stones. Because this is the season of introspection and quiet, I can hear their voices without distraction. When they sing, “pick me”, I take the stones from a pouch. Then, I “throw” them and watch where they land on a layout of compass directions. (Each direction has a meaning: North-spirit, East-mind, South-body, and West-emotions.) Then I ask each one what they have to say to me. The stones tell me through their colors, shapes, and how they twinkle. I enter their world, and hear their songs. I discover their personalities as well. For example, uptight malachite sings its advice in a clear tenor.


In spring, life awakens from its slumbers and comes alive. The first to make themselves known are the flowers. Therefore, I use the “Flower Speak” and “Flower Spirit” oracle cards. “Flower Speak” employs pictures, while “Flower Spirit” uses photos to convey their meanings.

In the beautiful photos of “Flower Spirits”, the author has portrayed ‘the essence of each flower. I use these cards in early spring to remind myself of the world that awaits me. Because the deck is divided into annuals, perennials, bulbs, and wild flowers, this adds the dimension of various timelines. When I do a spread, it becomes a riot of color and movement. Each picture melds into the next, as the flowers dance and weave. I join them in their spirited dance.

The Flower Oracle has beautiful drawings of flowers with their representative meanings. The deck also includes the phases of the moon, and the phases of plant growth. This gives a sense of time of what is yet to come and how it arrives. In each spread, I travel from card to card absorbing the energy of each card.


In the summer, I go outside on a nature walk. On my morning walk, I encounter a wide variety of animals. I generally stop and commune with them. For example, encountering a garden snake, I stop and quietly breathe with the snake. In and out I breathe until I become one with the snake. Seeing life on the snake’s level, we converse about the warm sunshine and the local rat population.

On another morning, I watch the dragonflies at the forest edge. When a dragonfly alit on the fence, I started breathing with the dragonfly. Breathing in unison, I became a dragonfly, glowing bright blue and green. I flew with the other dragonflies eating insects on the wing.


In the fall, the trees change their leaves. To me, they speak about the passing of summer and the coming of winter. In this moment, time stands still. Therefore, I choose the Ogham staves and “Tree Magick” Cards to meditate with.

As the sacred alphabet of the Celts, the Ogham is related to the trees and plants of Europe. As I lay out the Ogham staves, I hear the voices of the Kindred murmuring through the trees. The Ogham letters form words in tree language. Elms speak of stretching to the sun, while oaks talk of strength. As I meander among the staves, I feel the Divine Ones speak to me.

In “Tree Magick”, the trees of the world are separated into ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ trees. Also, each card has a tree with an animal about it. In exploring the world of each card, I enter into the being of the tree. Using this deck becomes a way of exploring the Two Powers, especially when the heaven and earth trees come together. Moving from earth to heaven (and back again) helps me to embrace and mingle the Two Powers. The trees merge their energies into a whirlpool. I become a leaf flowing in the pool, going where the trees take me. Finally I release the energy and come back to me.

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