Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Believe in the Improbable! (part two)

Platypus’s Teachings Also Include:

“We now know it’s real
Though I can’t help but feel
That from trail tip to muzzle,
It is still a puzzle.
Copyright: R. Suahan, “The Incomplete Book of Australian Mammals”.

“The platypus continues to lead its quiet life in the rivers of eastern Australia. Rippling its way in a thousand streams on far mountain slopes, in creeks and reservoirs, near towns and cities, it remains private and illusive. A new century for the platypus has arrived. Wonder remains, and delight. Swimming and diving quietly across time, the platypus smiles.” Copyright: Ann Proyal, “Platypus”

Platypus’s Wisdom Includes:
Seeing the World with Delight and Wonder
Possessing Inner Sight
Balancing Energy
Moving Through the World of Mystery and Dreams
Move To Your Own Personal Rhythms

Science note: Male Duck-billed Platypus has a poisonous spur on the inner side of his hind legs to inflict wounds on his enemies. Shrews are the only other Mammals that can poison their enemies.

Conservation Note: Protected in Australia, and is restricted to that country.

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