Friday, February 23, 2007

"The Song of Amergin" - My Meditation (part 1)

According to legend, Amergin was one of the leaders of the “Men of Mil”, who battled the Tuatha De’ Danann for possession of Ireland. Amergin invokes the power of the land before stepping on the shore. He claims the elements and displays his power of them. Amergin joins himself with the Spirit of the Cosmos. After reciting his song, the wind died down and the Men of Mil won the day.

“I am wind on sea.”
I am the wild wind blowing over the sea. The sea calls the wind. Together, we move the waves and tides.

“I am ocean wave.”
I am wind on sea, ocean wave.I am who I am – the wave that covers the land; the wave that is the border of the between places. I am the tide that goes in and goes out.

“I am roar of sea.”
I am the mother of all life. I am the lifer giver and the life taker. I am the roar of the sea in a storm, the wind lapping the shore, the mighty wave cascading on the shore.

“I am Bull of Seven Fights.”
I am the primal strength and ferocity I invite you to the battle, to the fight, to stand your ground.

“I am Hawk on the Cliff.”
I swoop and deliver death in my murderous talons. I am the primal life force. Join me in the skies.

“I am Dewdrop.”
I am a force of nature, of life giving water. In the loudest roar is the softest dewdrop. I am gentle power.

“I am Fairest of Flowers.”
I am beauty amid death. I am the respite between the primal forces of life and death. I am the blossom of beauty from earth and water.

“I am Boar for Boldness”
I am the ruler of the forest; the dread animal that hunters fear. Embrace my fierceness and ferociousness. Enter into my fearlessness.

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