Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Animal Divination

Divination Systems of Animals

Animals are a part of the practice of divination, in which deities, or powers other than human, will communicate with humanity. For example, the Africans believe that once, a long time ago, mice could speak. Living on the ground, mice are in close contact with the all-knowing forest spirits. (In turn, these spirits are in close contact with the Ancestors.) Although mice cannot talk today, they do convey messages from the Ancestors and forest spirits to the people.

Types of Animal Divinations

Apantomancy – Divination interpreted by chance encounters with animals

Felidomancy – Divination though the observation of felines, including domestic and wild cats

Hippomancy – Divination involving the behavior of horses

Ichthyomancy – Divination by observing fish in and out of water and by examining the internal organs of fish

Myomancy – Divination by observing the behavior of rats or mice

Ophimancy – Divination by observing the behavior of snakes

Ornithomancy – Divination by the observance of flying birds or through bird’s songs

Theriomancy – Divination by studying the behavior of animals

Zoomancy – Divination by observing the behavior of animals


Amy said...

I have stumbled upon your blog by doing a google search for animal divination. I'm a witch in Massachusetts and have recently had a curious series of events that I need assistance to help me understand it.

For the past month or so, I have had twelve instances where a red cardinal flew in front of my vehicle while I was driving it. The birds have always flown from right to left, swooping low and up and away again. Since this has happened twelve times I can't ignore that it's a sign, but for the life of me I cannot figure out of WHAT!

Do you have any ideas or thoughts on this? I have tried looking in books and online about cardinals and what they may represent but can find nothing.

Any help would be appreciated!

Va. Carper said...

This bright Bird exudes self-esteem with his bright red plumage and crest. Cardinal sings a distinctive song, “cheer, cheer, cheer,” that everyone recognizes. Like Cardinal, you can be bright and bold. Be careful not to be so territorial that you attack your own reflection.

Cardinal’s Teachings Include:

According to Dr. George P. Butler, Sr., Cardinal also teaches 'self-acknowledgement'.

Cardinal’s Advice Includes:

“Add color to your life and remember that everything you do is of importance.” Copyright: “Animal Speak”, Ted Andrews.